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PAX East 2013 Indie Roll Call- Color Sheep & Orion’s Forge from Tom Eastman of Trinket Studios


One of my favorite indie developers that we met last weekend at PAX East is Tom Eastman of Trinket Studios.  Tom is a guy with a lot of passion for making games, and that passion really shines through when he speaks about his work.  In today’s Indie Roll Call, Tom talks about two really cool

Guest Host Shidosha Interviews Dive Kick creator, Adam “Keits” Heart- PAX East 2013


I have to admit.  When I first passed the Dive Kick booth at PAX East 2013, I just kind of assumed that the game was a joke.  Even without playing it, I understood the premise.  Dive Kick is two button fighting game centered around one overpowered move, the dive-kick.  Using only two buttons, and no

Video Interview | Spartacus Legends| Ubisoft/Kung Fu Factory | PAX East 2013


Last weekend, at PAX East 2013, I got to try out an interesting fighter called Spartacus Legends.  The game is developed by Kung Fu Factory, published by Ubisoft, and it is based upon the Spartacus TV series on Starz.  When it is released in May, the game will be free-to-play on XBLA and PSN.  It

Battlefield 4 Aims for the Head


Dice debuted the newest installment of the Battlefield series, Battlefield 4, this week at GDC in San Francisco. As teased on the official Battlefield website, attendees were treated to a 17-minute gameplay video. Battlefield has always been a very visually pleasing game, complete with destructible environments and explosive combat, and they are sticking to the

Video Interview With Ubisoft/Nadeo | ShootMania Storm | PAX East 2013


Ubisoft’s booth may have been the most central spectacle on the PAX East 2013 expo hall floor, and the action surrounding ShootMania Storm was a major reason.  They were running live matchups all day, with dozens of PC stations streaming directly to the big screen monitors above.  They even had a host onstage hyping up

Video Interview With The Behemoth | Battleblock Theater | PAX East 2013


As I mentioned in my article last week, Battleblock Theater was my most anticipated game going into PAX East 2013.  Thankfully, on the first day of the convention, Jon and I were able to try out the cooperative story mode, and I got a chance to speak with The Behemoth team in a lighthearted, one-on-two

Pax East 2013 : Borderlands 2 Enter the Psycho


The team behind Borderlands 2 unveiled the latest addition to their cast of lovable murderers this weekend at PAX East 2013. Krieg the Psycho will be the next available player-controlled character, allowing fans to experience the game again through the eyes of the pyro-maniacal behemoth. Reminiscent of the original Borderlands’ Brick, Krieg will feature a

Pax East 2013 : The Last of Us Playable Demo Impressions

joel ellie looking up

At this year’s PAX East convention, Naughty Dog made quite the ripple in the exhibition hall with its newest title, The Last of Us. For the first time, the developer debuted a playable demo of the game, allowing show-goers to experience the dark adventure for themselves. I was lucky enough to get a chance to

PAX East 2013: Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag Trailer Impressions


Ubisoft received a lot of attention this weekend at PAX East 2013.  Their booth was really more like four booths, so it was hard to miss.  In the middle of the expansive expo hall, their massive exhibit stood as a centerpiece, showing off a few large upcoming projects, as well as some lesser-known titles on

Steam’s New Early Access Program is a Tough Sell


Yesterday, Valve launched the Early Access program on Steam, whereby players can purchase games that are still in their developmental stages, long before they are officially released.  The idea is that, by purchasing these alpha builds, players can gain early access to games they find interesting, while contributing both feedback and early financing to the