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Don’t Starve: Don’t Buy


Don’t Starve is an aptly named title. The focus of the game is to survive the wilderness after being left in the middle of the woods with naught on your person. The first task posed to players is a simple one, find something to eat and survive through the night. Players will quickly come to

BattleBlock Theater Review: At Least One Reason To Be a Dog Person


“You can’t hurt anyone with yarn.”  Those were the words of a friend who loiters within our workspace on occasion.  Seemingly random, her statement was actually in response to an even more questionable exchange, from her perspective.  “This weapon doesn’t even kill anybody!  We have to go back and find more yarn!” I said, as

In the Fold: Tearaway Interview with Media Molecule’s James Spafford


Following the success of Little Big Planet, Media Molecule is back at it again. This time, starting with the Playstation Vita, the developer is taking an uncharted approach to the adventure game. Utilizing every possible trick that the Vita hardware has in its arsenal, Tearaway is shaping up to be one of the most uniquely

Sharing with Others: The Next Step in Gaming


Remember the days when home gaming was a solitary event? At most, it was a chance to practice for the arcades, so you could take fools down in Street Fighter II and rack up high scores. Unfortunately, arcades have all but died here in the United States. Today’s generation will not have the pleasure to

The Top Ridiculous Angry Birds Merchandise Rovio Sold to Make $97 Million


A couple of days ago, Rovio reported its financial results for 2012, indicating that they brought in a whopping €152.2 million in revenue for the year.  I understand that most of our readers are in the U.S., so for comparison purposes, that figure comes out to approximately $195.3 million, or one butt-ton.  This is not

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Review: Curbing Critical Inflation


It really is a shame.  I purchased my Wii U shortly after launch, and to this point, the only game with which I have spent any measure of time is Wii U Coaster.  If this were a game about rollercoasters, like the title implies, that might not be so bad.  Unfortunately, Wii U Coaster is