Monthly Archives: July 2014

Summer Strange: Weird Ass Games You Never Knew You Wanted


As many of you are painfully aware by now with the hole that Steam has burnt into your wallets, it’s Summer time. As such, it’s time to find titles to fill the void left by the annual lack of new videogames that comes with the season. I suppose the games industry believes that we should

Name That Quote: GTA V’s Lacey Jonas, Lindsay Lohan, or Something I Made Up?


Lindsay Lohan is suing Rockstar Games, for allegedly using her persona as the basis for GTA V’s Lacey Jonas character.  She is not claiming that the character looks like her, or sounds like her, but rather that she acts like her.  Lacey Jonas is an intentionally over-the-top caricature of the stereotypical, idiotic, soulless, out of

What’s Jump? Podcast Episode 3: Pirate Boys!


On this week’s episode, Thomas and Jon’s main topic is No Man’s Sky.  Segments include future news, flash reviews, League of Legends updates, and an in-depth look at congressional district gerrymandering in rural Utah.