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What’s Jump? is an editorial site.  Our goal is to consistently provide funny and insightful articles about the games we play and the culture that surrounds them.  We are not interested in providing news.  Like most of you, we get our news from journalists.  Here, we deal almost exclusively in opinions, hearsay, observations, and slander.  Granted, you will stumble upon a great deal of facts in our articles.  We apologize for this.  Any facts you encounter result only from the overwhelming accuracy of our opinions.  Occasionally, we will post game reviews.  Less occasionally, we will post videos.  Even less occasionally, we will post recipes.  If any of these offerings should happen to entertain you, please share them.  We appreciate your support.


Thomas Shamburger, Writer/ Editor in Chief

Jon Malloy, Writer/ Editor

Geoffrey Booker, Visual Media Producer



What’s Jump? is a subsidiary of What’s Jump? LLC

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