Battle Chef Brigade Might Be the Coolest Game On KickStarter


I am really not sure how this one went under my radar.  I am also really not sure how radar works.  Perhaps I shoud lower my radar a bit?  Anyhow, just in case your radar is also calibrated at such an altitude where things might pass under it, you should head over to KickStarter and check out the latest development from Trinket Studios, Battle Chef Brigade.  Jon was also unaware of this project's existence, and upon informing him five minutes ago, his response was "Oh dear god. That game. I need it."  I am guessing at least several of you will have a similar reaction to the pitch:



A couple of years ago, we interviewed these folks at PAX East, and we walked away with sufficient confidence in their talents to let the above video sell itself.  When we first spoke to them, they were showing off Color Sheep, a small, weird, and quirky game which acted a a stepping stone toward developing this much bigger, weird, and quirky game.  The game is currently fully funded, and there are 7 days remaining to hit a few of the stretch goals.

I won't bother fully detailing the concept, since they have done a good job of that on the KickStarter page, and also because this exact article has already been written dozens of times.  Each article seems to summarize the game using the same basic framework: "Think _____ meets _____ meets _____."  I'm inclined to do the same, but a lof of the less obscure phrases like "Studio Ghibli," "Iron Chef," and "Fantasy RPG" have already been taken.  In the interest of not being repetitive:

Think "The Overly Literal Hunger Games" meets "Tales of Cutscenes" meets "You have shot 1452 pounds of meat, however you can only carry 100 pounds back to the wagon." 

Also, if your taste buds prefer muenster to monster, never fear:




Battle Chef Brigade is expected to be released in April 2016.  You can check out the KickStarter here, and view Trinket Studios' other work at



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Thomas Shamburger
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