BattleBlock Theater Release Date Announcement Realigns my PAX Priorities


We already knew it was coming out sometime in Spring, but today, The Behemoth released a pretty comical video announcing that Battleblock Theater will be officially released on April 3rd.  I usually don’t post “news.”  There isn’t even a category for it in the header.  But this is big news, and the announcement comes in perfect time for our trip to PAX East, where they will be showcasing the game’s current build.  Originally, their plan was to give fans full access to the game in the convention’s console free-play room.  However, due to “unforeseen circumstances” cited on their website, the game will only be available for play on the custom arcade machines at their booth (number 512).  In addition, the weekend will include a tournament for the Ball Game mode, which will also take place at their booth.

If you are not attending PAX or you just don’t feel like braving the unavoidably long lines at queue source 512, rest assured that we are and we will.  This is one of my most anticipated titles of the convention, so I will be sure to sample the gameplay this weekend, and I will probably at least watch the Ball Game tournament.  The game has been in closed beta since February 28th, and while the NDA has kept things fairly under wraps, the limited leakage seems to point toward it being fun.  Although the game has been in development for over 3 years, this will be my first time experiencing it in person.  I will post my impressions shortly on what must be a nearly finished build of the game.  Fingers crossed, we can find some time to squeeze in an interview as well.  I will keep you posted.

I implicitly trust this studio, because of the charm they pump into their games.  I will have more to say on the subject of charm in gaming when I post my impressions, and even more to say when I post my official review next month.  For now, let me just point out that this is the same group who turned my least favorite gaming genre of all time, the beat-em-up, into my favorite XBLA experience to date.  The gameplay didn’t win me over.  The charm did, and they rendered that charm on a canvas of rotten egg meat.  That same charm, utilized within the context of a platformer, makes for mind-boggling possibilities.

We will have more to come, but for now, here are two videos.  The first is yesterday’s release date trailer from The Behemoth.  It has all the charm and humor you would expect from the company who managed to crank out a playable beat-em-up in Castle Crashers.  The second video showcases some of the user created levels from the closed Beta.  I dare you to not be excited.  I dare you!



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Thomas Shamburger
Thomas Shamburger

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