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Sharing with Others: The Next Step in Gaming


Remember the days when home gaming was a solitary event? At most, it was a chance to practice for the arcades, so you could take fools down in Street Fighter II and rack up high scores. Unfortunately, arcades have all but died here in the United States. Today’s generation will not have the pleasure to

The Top Ridiculous Angry Birds Merchandise Rovio Sold to Make $97 Million


A couple of days ago, Rovio reported its financial results for 2012, indicating that they brought in a whopping €152.2 million in revenue for the year.  I understand that most of our readers are in the U.S., so for comparison purposes, that figure comes out to approximately $195.3 million, or one butt-ton.  This is not

Pax East 2013 : Borderlands 2 Enter the Psycho


The team behind Borderlands 2 unveiled the latest addition to their cast of lovable murderers this weekend at PAX East 2013. Krieg the Psycho will be the next available player-controlled character, allowing fans to experience the game again through the eyes of the pyro-maniacal behemoth. Reminiscent of the original Borderlands’ Brick, Krieg will feature a

PAX East 2013: Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag Trailer Impressions


Ubisoft received a lot of attention this weekend at PAX East 2013.  Their booth was really more like four booths, so it was hard to miss.  In the middle of the expansive expo hall, their massive exhibit stood as a centerpiece, showing off a few large upcoming projects, as well as some lesser-known titles on

Steam’s New Early Access Program is a Tough Sell


Yesterday, Valve launched the Early Access program on Steam, whereby players can purchase games that are still in their developmental stages, long before they are officially released.  The idea is that, by purchasing these alpha builds, players can gain early access to games they find interesting, while contributing both feedback and early financing to the

BattleBlock Theater Release Date Announcement Realigns my PAX Priorities


We already knew it was coming out sometime in Spring, but today, The Behemoth released a pretty comical video announcing that Battleblock Theater will be officially released on April 3rd.  I usually don’t post “news.”  There isn’t even a category for it in the header.  But this is big news, and the announcement comes in perfect

Metal Gear Solid Rising: How Parrying Can Increase Your Self-esteem


It shouldn’t even be a debate at this point.  I think we can all agree that ninjas, assassins, pirates, and robots are officially the four coolest jobs on the planet.  Imagine my delight when, last week, I had just finished playing a blockbuster title about a robot ninja when I saw a trailer for another title

Sim-Snow Day and the Attack of the Frozen Servers


As you probably know by now from every article you read over the last few days, to say that the SimCity launch was “rocky” would be quite the understatement.  If anything, it was Apollo Creed.  The game has promise, and I really enjoy it.  I’ll leave the formal reviewing to Jon later this weekend.  I’m

Seven Years of Bad Luck: Playstation 3 and the 360 180

PS4 launch event

I know we still haven’t said anything about Sony’s PS4 press conference last week.  It was a lot to take in.  I watched it again today, and I thought back to seven years ago, who I was rooting for, which consoles seemed more promising, and which press conferences inspired the most optimism.  Then I realized

Compromising Consistency: Dead Space 3 and Other Sequels

Decisions, decisions...

A couple of days ago, NowGamer posted an interview with Antony Johnston, the writer of the first Dead Space game.  In the interview, Johnston perfectly sums up a sentiment that I think needs to be stressed in regard to sequels.  If fans expect multiple installments of their favorite games, they must be willing to compromise