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How Valve is Earning $30,000 Per Day From Steam Summer Sale Trading Cards


Steam trading cards have been around for over a year now, and most people I know still have no idea what they are or how they work.  In my mind, virtual trading cards have no value.  They fall into a category with gym memberships and the extra 14 packets of fire sauce that come with

Five Bold Post-E3 Predictions That Fare Well for Microsoft and the Xbox One


So rarely do I get the chance to play devil’s advocate for the actual devil.  I kid Microsoft, of course, but they definitely haven’t made many friends this week.  Ever since they announced their used game policy, codenamed the “Satan System” for the duration of this article, gamers have been in an uproar.  We’ve been

Compromising Consistency: Dead Space 3 and Other Sequels

Decisions, decisions...

A couple of days ago, NowGamer posted an interview with Antony Johnston, the writer of the first Dead Space game.  In the interview, Johnston perfectly sums up a sentiment that I think needs to be stressed in regard to sequels.  If fans expect multiple installments of their favorite games, they must be willing to compromise

Tamagotchi L.I.F.E. and Other Unnecessary Video Game Acronyms

Tamagotchi LIFE

Please do not mistake this article for a criticism of the Tamagotchi app, itself.  Like many people who grew up in the 90’s, I am embarrassingly excited for its release.  At first, my expectations were tempered.  Very rarely am I satisfied when one of my favorite childhood brands gets revamped.  Nostalgia has a way of

CD Changers: The Rise of Digital Distribution


It is not remotely surprising that this sort of thing is occurring, and that developers are getting behind it.  After all, the rise of digital distribution was always inevitable, right?  There is nothing tangible about a video game, and the tangibility of the distribution process, to this point, has always seemed a little forced.  We

Why I Can’t Beat Your Mom in Video Games

Look at all that science!

  Because I play so many games, whenever my friends become competitive in one, they naturally assume that I’ll be a worthy adversary.  While I understand the logic behind this conclusion, it is largely false.  In most games, my skill level should only be considered “upper average,” and I try to present it as such.