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Video Interview With The Behemoth | Battleblock Theater | PAX East 2013


As I mentioned in my article last week, Battleblock Theater was my most anticipated game going into PAX East 2013.  Thankfully, on the first day of the convention, Jon and I were able to try out the cooperative story mode, and I got a chance to speak with The Behemoth team in a lighthearted, one-on-two

Pax East 2013 : The Last of Us Playable Demo Impressions

joel ellie looking up

At this year’s PAX East convention, Naughty Dog made quite the ripple in the exhibition hall with its newest title, The Last of Us. For the first time, the developer debuted a playable demo of the game, allowing show-goers to experience the dark adventure for themselves. I was lucky enough to get a chance to

PAX East 2013: Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag Trailer Impressions


Ubisoft received a lot of attention this weekend at PAX East 2013.  Their booth was really more like four booths, so it was hard to miss.  In the middle of the expansive expo hall, their massive exhibit stood as a centerpiece, showing off a few large upcoming projects, as well as some lesser-known titles on