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The Last of Us Is Among the Best of Them


Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us is one of the few games that made my list of most anticipated titles this year. Having tracked the development of this title over the past year and having played the demo at this year’s PAX East show, my hype machine was on full blast. With the game finally

Remember Meh


Remember Me is the likely story of a woman who awakens having lost her memories, and spends the next day attempting to change the past to make more sense of the future. College girls across the country play this same game every day. Aiding you in your quest for truth is the voice in your

The Swapper Review: A Game of Clones

the swapper cover

The puzzle platforming genre has undergone a pretty remarkable transformation and resurgence over the past five years, and it still seems to be gaining steam.  It feels like it came out of nowhere.  Before Portal came out in 2007, I barely even noticed the genre existed.  We met briefly back in 1994, when I got

Don’t Starve: Don’t Buy


Don’t Starve is an aptly named title. The focus of the game is to survive the wilderness after being left in the middle of the woods with naught on your person. The first task posed to players is a simple one, find something to eat and survive through the night. Players will quickly come to

BattleBlock Theater Review: At Least One Reason To Be a Dog Person


“You can’t hurt anyone with yarn.”  Those were the words of a friend who loiters within our workspace on occasion.  Seemingly random, her statement was actually in response to an even more questionable exchange, from her perspective.  “This weapon doesn’t even kill anybody!  We have to go back and find more yarn!” I said, as

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Review: Curbing Critical Inflation


It really is a shame.  I purchased my Wii U shortly after launch, and to this point, the only game with which I have spent any measure of time is Wii U Coaster.  If this were a game about rollercoasters, like the title implies, that might not be so bad.  Unfortunately, Wii U Coaster is

Mobile Mentions : Cling!


I am a big fan of mobile gaming, which is partly why I purchased an iPad as soon as it was announced that they were getting retina screens.  Not that I really needed much reason, but it helped me justify the purchase to my brain when I looked at my dwindling bank account.  Thankfully, the

SimCity: The Unfinished Story


Upon its launch, Maxis’ SimCity was one of the most highly anticipated games of the quarter.  Even people like myself, who had never taken part in the SimCity series, came out of the woodwork to try out its all-new systems: online cooperative play, city specialization, and true Sims living in the towns.  Unfortunately, most of

Metal Gear Solid Rising: How Parrying Can Increase Your Self-esteem


It shouldn’t even be a debate at this point.  I think we can all agree that ninjas, assassins, pirates, and robots are officially the four coolest jobs on the planet.  Imagine my delight when, last week, I had just finished playing a blockbuster title about a robot ninja when I saw a trailer for another title

3 Things They Aren’t Saying (Enough) About Ni No Kuni: The Wrath of The White Witch

Piggy back ride!!!

Ni No Kuni has been out for a couple of weeks now, so I would be very surprised if this is the first review you have read.  For the time being, we have to post our reviews a little bit later than other sites.  Studios are not exactly clambering to send us review copies, and