Fire Emblem Awakening: Perma-death Diaries, Vol. 1


Every time I turned around in the last couple weeks, there was another article about Fire Emblem and how its perma-death system is just so unforgiving. Naturally, I just could not wait to subject myself to the torture, and to see how it really is. Thomas is also starting his game soon, once he returns from his trip. The bet to see who will lose the least amount of characters during their play through shall soon be underway. Whoever loses has to get a spray tan. I am not too concerned about losing, seeing as it would take about 8 spray tans to actually darken my pigment. Thomas, on the other hand, will definitely notice the effect with a single application. He will be looking like a Gangoru in no time.

Last week, I received my new 3DS XL in the mail and downloaded the digital copy of the game. This little system really does have the charming Nintendo experience that I remember from my DSi, taken to the next level. This thing is cute as hell. Even the download of the game was cute. How do you make a progress bar cute? Nintendo has figured out how… cute little bastards. Anyway, I fired up the game, reluctantly selected Classic Mode after much deliberation, and then spend the next hour trying to decide on my avatar’s customization options. The Fire Emblem experience had begun.

It has been about 15 hours now since I started Fire Emblem, and I am happy to say that I am only down one character. Unfortunately, it was one of the stronger female characters, and it happened in the second or third battle of the story. Soon after, I realized the real kick in the dick when losing characters; not only am I robbed of a useful unit, but also a potentially more powerful child unit, down the line. The sting of this whole Classic Mode nonsense is starting to set in.

As I stated in an earlier article, this is my first foray into the Fire Emblem universe, and I have to say that I am fairly impressed, thus far. The characters are really quite endearing and they effectively give me motivation not to let them die. Some of the support conversations are definitely worth the grind just to unlock and watch the relationships unfold. I am looking forward to seeing what the rest of the story has to offer, and what new skills and weapons I can get my hands on.

Now that I am painfully aware of how horrible the loss of a unit is going to be, I’m committed to leveling these little mongrels up from their current scrub standing to certified monster-king status. Much grinding shall ensue. The story is definitely taking a backseat at the moment, but I will pick it back up once I feel better equipped to move forward. I vow never to lose another unit. You hear me, Satan?! These souls belong to me!



Jon Malloy

Jon Malloy

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Jon Malloy
Jon Malloy

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