Guest Host Shidosha Interviews Dive Kick creator, Adam “Keits” Heart- PAX East 2013


I have to admit.  When I first passed the Dive Kick booth at PAX East 2013, I just kind of assumed that the game was a joke.  Even without playing it, I understood the premise.  Dive Kick is two button fighting game centered around one overpowered move, the dive-kick.  Using only two buttons, and no joystick, players maneuver backward and forward, repeatedly executing this OP move in an aerial battle of wits, until one of them manages to kick the other into oblivion.  It is a pretty neat premise, and it’s certainly funny to watch as players execute “headshots” with the bottoms of their sneakers.  Still, the game can’t really be serious can it?  The massive hoards of fans surrounding this booth can’t really be on board, can they?  There can’t really be substance there… right?

Wrong!  I got a chance to play Dive Kick on Sunday, and as it turns out, not only was it one of the funnest games I played at PAX East, it is now one of my most anticipated games of 2013.  You have to play the game to understand what makes it so great.  The controls, although unorthodox, work perfectly for this game.  Dive Kick is accessible enough to be a great party game, and it is surprisingly deep enough to allow for heated battles among veterans.  They had to pry me away from the controls to let other people play.  This is a game that I could play for days, and when it comes out, I plan on doing just that.

Online personality and fighting game aficionado, Shidosha (, joined us to guest host an interview with Dive Kick creator Adam “Keits” Heart.  They cover everything from the inspiration for this wild game, to the racial stereotypes that motivated the character designs.  Dive Kick will be released on PSN for Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita this summer.  It will also be available for PC, and it is currently on Steam Greenlight, so make sure you go vote for it pronto!

Also, big thanks to Shidosha for hosting this interview.  Make sure you check him out at and follow him at

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Jon Malloy

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Jon Malloy
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