In the Fold: Tearaway Interview with Media Molecule’s James Spafford


Following the success of Little Big Planet, Media Molecule is back at it again. This time, starting with the Playstation Vita, the developer is taking an uncharted approach to the adventure game. Utilizing every possible trick that the Vita hardware has in its arsenal, Tearaway is shaping up to be one of the most uniquely interesting games in the system’s near future. It sure could use it.

Yesterday, Media Molecule announced that Tearaway will be released on October 22nd, so this interview is being posted with perfect coincidental timing.  At PAX East, I had the chance to sit down…well…stand in place, with Media Molecule’s Community Manager, James Spafford. Tearaway makes every child’s dreams, and every adult’s nightmares come true, by bringing paper to life in this self-contained co-op voyage for truth. James gives the What’s Jump? team the run through on what makes this game special, how it differs from LBP, and what to expect when the game releases this Fall on the Playstation Vita.


Jon Malloy

Jon Malloy

Senior Writer & Editor at What's Jump?
Jon is a writer and co-founder of “What’s Jump?” With a passion for gaming, comedy, and discussion, Jon works to bring his unique views, along with a bit of humor, to his writing. With a background in information technology and development, his interests lean toward the newest trends and technological advancements. Reporting for “What’s Jump?” he is at home both behind the scenes and in front of the camera.
Jon Malloy
Jon Malloy

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