Name That Quote: GTA V’s Lacey Jonas, Lindsay Lohan, or Something I Made Up?


Lindsay Lohan is suing Rockstar Games, for allegedly using her persona as the basis for GTA V’s Lacey Jonas character.  She is not claiming that the character looks like her, or sounds like her, but rather that she acts like her.  Lacey Jonas is an intentionally over-the-top caricature of the stereotypical, idiotic, soulless, out of touch, Hollywood, party girl, and the game portrays her in a completely mockingly and negative fashion.  Lindsay Lohan certainly falls into the general category of actresses targeted by the parody, but the fact that she so personally identifies with it probably says more about her self-image than Rockstar’s intentions.  In all fairness, the name "Lacey Jonas" actually sounds more like “Miley Cyrus.”  Maybe Miley should sue too, or maybe she didn’t notice the similarity, because she somehow has more dignity and self-appreciation.

When Ellen Paige accused Naughty Dog of stealing her likeness in The Last of Us, it wasn’t because she thought her blood held the key to saving humanity; it was because the girl looked like her.  Simply put, Paige’s accusation sent the message that Naughty Dog stole her image.  Lohan’s accusation sends the message that people say horrible things about her, and that she agrees with all of them.  Do you want to pinpoint the dumbest person in a crowd?  Stand up on a table and yell, “Hey soup-for-brains! Stop being so dumb!”  If someone responds, “I’m not dumb!” then that is the person you seek.  By parodying the general concept of an awful human being, Rockstar basically said, “Moron say what?” and Lohan walked right into it.

Even if Rockstar did base this character upon her, it is completely legal to parody someone, but let's pretend that it isn't for a moment.  Unless she backs down or they settle, some judge is going to have to hear this case and determine whether or not Lindsay Lohan is such a caricature in real life that she can’t be distinguished from a video game hyperbole.  To see whether or not she has a case, let’s play a little game.  Below, I have randomly listed some quotes from GTA V’s Lacey Jonas, and some others from the actual Lindsay Lohan.  Just for fun, I threw in a few that I made up myself.  See if you can tell which is which.  Heck, if you can’t, she might stand a chance!  Highlight the area below each image to see the answers.  Enjoy.



Lacey Jonas, GTA V

Lacey Jonas, GTA V


Lindsay Lohan, Earth?


I made this up.


Lindsay Lohn, Egypt and Japan.


Lacey Jonas, GTA V


Lacey Jonas, GTA V


Lindsay Loan, Vegas, for a minute.


Lacey Jonas, GTA V


I made this up.


Lindsay Lohan, in moderation.


Lacey Jonas, GTA V


Lindsay Lohan, streets ahead.


Lindsay Lohan, the Jolly Roger.


I made this up.


I made this up.


Lindsay Lohan, seriously…


How did you do?


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Thomas Shamburger
Thomas Shamburger

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