Shovel Knight’s Amazing Release Trailer Marks the End of Our Long Wait


These days, we hear about upcoming games really early, too early.  If a game reveal strikes our fancy, we sometimes have to wait years to actually play it outside of a showroom floor.  Usually, when we hear about a great new game, it doesn’t even have a release date; it just exists in a hypothetical, imaginary plane, unseen through a foggy looking glass by trapped souls in decaying bodies.  When I get excited about a game, I always have the same instinct: block the announcement from my memory, destroy my computer and my cell phone, and sleep where the cattle roam until a country messenger delivers a surprise letter on the game’s release date.

Unfortunately, I can’t really do that as a gaming journalist, because I have to keep up with the latest news and talk about whatever is relevant.  I am tempted to write a persuasive article on why no one should care about Metal Gear Solid V, just to remove it from the collective discussion and stop our content director from constantly reminding me of its existence.  Much to his chagrin, I don’t write articles about that game, because every mention of it makes me want to bludgeon myself into a coma and wake up in a future when I can play it.

The waiting is even worse for Kickstarted games, because the backers could not escape the anticipation if they tried.  There are certainly benefits to the Kickstarter system.  Sometimes, backers get special perks, and Baz ends up in the game’s final build.  Most importantly, as a backer, you get to be snooty when people mention the game, and say things like “I’m an investor” and “I was there from day one.”  Ultimately though, becoming a backer is like ordering a game and selecting the 12-18 month shipping option.  The waiting is excruciating, and there is no escape from it.  I backed Shovel Knight 14 months ago, and I just got the 45th project update in my e-mail.  I knew when features were added, scrapped, or finished ahead of schedule.  I knew when the developers went to the bathroom, I knew when they picked their noses in the car, and I synced my Google calendar with their periods.  It was a long 14 months, filled with almost weekly reminders that the end was not in sight.

The final downside to anticipating a game for so long is that we build these games up in our minds, to the point that they are almost certain to disappoint.  I am confident that this will not be the case with Shovel Knight.  The release trailer is not only heroic, impressive, and totally bitchin’, it shows the incorporation of some really smart level design ideas and gameplay mechanics, some of which I was not aware, even as a recipient of their weekly whispers.  If this incredible trailer is any indication of the game’s quality, it might actually live up to the hype.  I can’t wait to play it, and I no longer have to.  My 3DS is charged, my bed lounge is fluffed, and my wait is almost over.  Be sure to check back later for our comments on the game, itself.

Shovel Knight is available tomorrow, June 26, on PC, Wii U, and 3DS for $15.




Thomas Shamburger
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Thomas Shamburger
Thomas Shamburger

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