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Shovel Knight’s Amazing Release Trailer Marks the End of Our Long Wait


These days, we hear about upcoming games really early, too early.  If a game reveal strikes our fancy, we sometimes have to wait years to actually play it outside of a showroom floor.  Usually, when we hear about a great new game, it doesn’t even have a release date; it just exists in a hypothetical,

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Review: Curbing Critical Inflation


It really is a shame.  I purchased my Wii U shortly after launch, and to this point, the only game with which I have spent any measure of time is Wii U Coaster.  If this were a game about rollercoasters, like the title implies, that might not be so bad.  Unfortunately, Wii U Coaster is

Secret Life of the American Fanboy


Nintendo has remained as the most recognizable name in video games for over 25 years. I had always had a Nintendo console in my home since as far back as I can remember. The day I had to give away my Super Nintendo because “we couldn’t take it during the move” was the day I