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BattleBlock Theater Review: At Least One Reason To Be a Dog Person


“You can’t hurt anyone with yarn.”  Those were the words of a friend who loiters within our workspace on occasion.  Seemingly random, her statement was actually in response to an even more questionable exchange, from her perspective.  “This weapon doesn’t even kill anybody!  We have to go back and find more yarn!” I said, as

Video Interview With The Behemoth | Battleblock Theater | PAX East 2013


As I mentioned in my article last week, Battleblock Theater was my most anticipated game going into PAX East 2013.  Thankfully, on the first day of the convention, Jon and I were able to try out the cooperative story mode, and I got a chance to speak with The Behemoth team in a lighthearted, one-on-two

BattleBlock Theater Release Date Announcement Realigns my PAX Priorities


We already knew it was coming out sometime in Spring, but today, The Behemoth released a pretty comical video announcing that Battleblock Theater will be officially released on April 3rd.  I usually don’t post “news.”  There isn’t even a category for it in the header.  But this is big news, and the announcement comes in perfect