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In the Fold: Tearaway Interview with Media Molecule’s James Spafford


Following the success of Little Big Planet, Media Molecule is back at it again. This time, starting with the Playstation Vita, the developer is taking an uncharted approach to the adventure game. Utilizing every possible trick that the Vita hardware has in its arsenal, Tearaway is shaping up to be one of the most uniquely

Guest Host Shidosha Interviews Dive Kick creator, Adam “Keits” Heart- PAX East 2013


I have to admit.  When I first passed the Dive Kick booth at PAX East 2013, I just kind of assumed that the game was a joke.  Even without playing it, I understood the premise.  Dive Kick is two button fighting game centered around one overpowered move, the dive-kick.  Using only two buttons, and no

120 Hours Later: Persona 4 Golden Review

Persona 4 Golden

I’ll be honest with you. I just needed an excuse to finally buy a Playstation Vita. It’s got touchscreens…everywhere! Luckily, Atlus decided to re-release one of the greatest RPGs of the last 10 years on the Vita with hours of extra content. Every review will tell you that Persona 4 Golden is one of the

Cock Monster Sighting in Persona 4 Golden for Vita (NSFW)

Do you see two people kissing, a vase, or a big screaming penis monster?

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