What’s Jump Podcast Episode 1: Big Dudes Doing Big Dude Stuff



It’s the inaugural episode of the podcast, so you can’t really say we are rusty.  After all, products don’t ship with rust.  “That car looks great Johnson, but it’ll never sell like this.  Rust it!!!”  We cover all the news from this week, including Microsoft’s take backsies on DRM, Nintendo thinking they are still relevant, The Last of Us, and even a few bonus nuggets like why Lightning keeps returning and the pitfalls of virtual whoring.  Be sure to check back next week for Episode 2, the week after for Episode 3, the week after for Episode 4, etc. etc. etc.  If you get a chuckle from it, subscribe to the podcast, follow us on twitter @whatsjump @tom_sham @jon_malloy, tell your friends, and keep visiting www.whatsjump.com for more articles and episodes.


Thomas Shamburger
Thomas is one of the original creators of "What's Jump?" As a lifelong gamer, writer, and comedian, his goal is to provide readers with humorous, entertaining, and thought-provoking perspectives on current gaming news and culture. His early career successes in the business world helped to pave the way for the site's launch in 2012. As the Editor in Chief of "What's Jump?" he combines his passions for gaming, writing, entrepreneurship, and comedy.
Thomas Shamburger
Thomas Shamburger

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